About Raptim Research Ltd

Raptim Research Ltd., incorporated in the year 2005, has its facilities based in Navi Mumbai and Business Office in Navi Mumbai as well as New Jersey, USA. Raptim is leader following activities:

  • Bioequivalence / Bioavailability Studies (BE/BA studies)
  • PK end-point studies
  • PD end-point studies
  • Clinical trials – phase II & IV
  • Studies on Special Population

Apart from the above, Raptim has developed expertise in niche area of drug development and has pioneered in testing/screening Dermal Topical Products including Cosmetic Products as well as inhalation products. These include:

  • In vitro Skin Permeation using Cadaver Skin, Synthetic and Semi Synthetic Membranes
  • In vivo – Tape Stripping studies
  • In vivo – Dermal Micro Dialysis
  • Skin Blanching Studies – measurement of Vasoconstriction Assay
  • Skin Irritation and sensitization studies
  • Studies with different inhalers